Overview and Background of Footwear Sector

The choice of footwear of Nepalese consumers is increasing with the changing fashion, awareness on health and increasing economic status.At the same time the domestic production capacity is also increasing with the scaling-up effort and number of producers. Although the producers estimates over 5,00,00,000 pairs of Nepalese footwear production yearly,due to lack of production and per capita consumption survey, the value chain analysis report of Nepalese footwear determined the domestic market coverage by domestic products in 2014/2015 is 42% against the production estimate of 2014 i.e. 3,00,00,000 pairs(while compared with import and export data of the same year 2014/2015)

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Message From President

               FMAN, an association of Nepalese footwear manufacturers, was established in 2057 B.S. (2001 A.D.) with the objective of enhancing Nepal’s self-sustainability in the footwear sector. FMAN bears the responsibility to promote the export of Nepalese footwear and to excel at the global economic level. Our association has been successful in promoting domestic consumption to 65% as well as increasing exports.

As the President of FMAN, I and our team would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported us, either through suggestions or by simply consuming Nepalese footwear. We also appeal to all stakeholders to support us at any possible level in achieving our objectives.

Rudra Prasad Neupane



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16th International Footwear Expo

16th International Footwear Expo 2023 is scheduled to be held  in 5th, 6th & 7th January 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal. Footwear Expo is the he Only B2B Event Where Brand Manufacturers, Wholesale Dealers and Distributors, Accessories, Components, Material and Machinery Manufacturers Are Brought Together under One Roof. Footwear expo is a Platform Where New Ideas Are Explored, New Partnerships Are Formed, And Networking On A Grand Scale Takes Place. Footwear Expo Will Provide Footwear Manufacturer An Exclusive Platform To Interact WithWholesale Dealers And Distributors.

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