FMAN Footwear Business Expo

FMAN Footwear Business Expo is a national level industrial exhibition. The main objective of this project is to enhance the market of Nepali leather goods & footwear industry production and also provide an ideal opportunity to the consumers to identify and enrich the believe for the variety and quality of Nepali native production as well as to make familiar the problems of Nepali footwear and cloth industries.

Objectives of the Expo

1. To provide the opportunity to the consumers to buy the suiting, shirting and cloths made by natural fabrics including leather goods , shoes, foot wears etc. of recent designs according to their choice and need

2. To develop the direct relationship between raw material suppliers, manufacturers of leather goods, foot wears and cloths. Suppliers, whole sellers, retailers and consumers.

3. To improve the environment of Healthy competition of above materials in Nepali market.

4. To submit the existing problems in the leather and cloth industries for their proper solution to the concerning department and authorities of Nepal government.

5. Contribution to minimize import and maximize export by manufacturing frequently the competitive leather goods, shoes, footwear and suiting shirting according to the choice and need of consumers for the substitution of import in the field.

6. To encourage the consumers to use native and country made product.

7. To encourage the market of county wide scattered domestic, small and cottage industry product.

8. To develop direct relation between leather goods and footwear industry and other related sectors.